Virtual Reality
Filmmaking Workshop




Virtual Reality Filmmaking Event

Sat 19.9 Kino Sheryl  ( Arabiankatu 8 )

See the selection polished short films created during the VR Filmmaking Workshop and meet the creators. For each film a volunteer is picked from the audience and the movie will be projected on screen through the volunteer’s VR-headset.

Besides screening  awesome short films created during the workshop we will also discuss on different on storytelling in VR. We'll showcase the most interesting aspects of VR storytelling by screening short films using those storytelling techiniques. You will also get to meet the creators and listen their experiences on the possibilities of letting the viewer to be director of the film and what are the common pitfalls in VR production. 

Virtual Reality Film Lounge

Wed 21. - Fri 23.9 VR Shorts at Elisa Kulma  ( Aleksanterinkatu 19 -  Open daily 10.00 - 20.00)

VR short films created during the VR- filmmaking workshop will be screened on Wed 17.8  (Tennispalatsi 2) and on Sat 20.8 (WHS Theather). The screening consist of discussion on the topic with the creators of the films. 
Fri 23.9 Meet the Creators Night  at Elisa Kulma   ( Aleksanterinkatu 19 ) - Open 18.00  to 21.00

Experience the short films with VR googles and chat with the creations about VR in relaxed setting.

How are the short films created

 VR-workshop is a filmmaking project bringing together 40 international filmmakers from different professional backgrounds.

The participants create short films in new and spontaneous international collaborations during two filmaking sessions. The workshop studies the development of cinematic storytelling as the viewer becomes part of the movie and hence decides the direction of their gaze. The workshop also has an aim to make the VR technology more familiar with filmmakers and viewers and provide a foretaste on the future.

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Here's a sneak preview of the workshop

workshop description

Welcome to VR Filmmaking Workshop

This workshop is a hands-on experience during which you develop, write, shoot and edit 360° VR short films. We will be exploring a new approach to filmmaking and will strive to master practical applications of this promising medium. 

What is VR storytelling?

Imagine watching your favourite film or TV show while literally being in the middle of each scene. With the VR goggles, you can turn your head and look around, see what you want, when you want. Viewers of the same film will have a different experience depending on what they pay attention to.

Now put yourself in the shoes of a filmmaker. You are finally able to do what generations of storytellers could only dream of doing: fully immerse the viewer in the heart of the action, and have him surrounded by your story's vibrant world. You will find yourself facing fundamental questions: how do you direct his attention towards what is essential to his understanding of the narrative? How do you reconciliate VR's inherent absence of off-camera space with the necessity to light and compose your shots? How do you make the audio intelligible?
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VR Workshop Stages


The participants interested in screenwriting can either come with written scripts or with ideas to be developed during the workshop. Production teams will form organically around these projects.

The aim is to work with short screenplays specifically written to make use of the unique artistic possibilities the 360° format offers.
The workshop has in principle no stylistic or genric limitations: we think on the contrary that working on radically different projects make the experience richer.


Each production team will consist of a director, cinematographer, production designer, sound designer and editor. Roles will be assigned within each team according to the participants' wishes. The director will then take the selected script into production. 

Before the shoot, participants will have time to familiarise themselves with the VR equipment available at the workshop. The workshop also supports the films' visual appearances by providing adequate lighting equipment and solutions for production design.


Production teams will stitch and edit their VR video, as well as create their sound design using softwares provided by the workshop. Each participant will shoot several VR short films shot during the workshop, which increases the learning opportunities manifold.


At the final stage of the production process, a screening will be organised for all participants to engage in constructive feedback. As further detailed in the "Schedule" section of the website, a second film project will then begin according to the same process.

On the last day of the eight-day experience, you can invite people from outside the workshop to a public screening, which will be held in Kino Sheryl to showcase the finalised films and share views about the experience.  

In addition, we will publish the films online, so that participants can get exposure and feedback from the VR and filmmaking communities at large.

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The workshop is divided into three sessions:
1. Two-day introduction to VR
2. Three-day filmmaking session
3. Three-day filmmaking session


You will learn the VR filmmaking essentials and apply these principles in exercises.


After experimenting more and taking ideas further, the participants will review the exercises together.

DAy 3

Pitching of ideas and team forming. 3-day projects are discussed and shootings for the following day prepared.

Day 4

The 3-day production session continues with the shooting of the films.

Day 5

End of the 3-day session; the films go through post-production process, after which a screening is organised to review the results.

Day 6

Beginning of the second 3-day production session; follows the same plan with the day 3.

Day 7

The second 3-day production session continues; same as day 4.

Day 8

End of the second 3-day session; post-production finishes to a public screening, which will hopefully lead to interaction with the audience.


Application process (ended)

How do I apply? 
Applying is done through the  application form. You can either apply to all sessions, only to sessions 1 &2  or to session 3.

How are the participants selected?
Participants will be selected based on motivation shown in their applications. Additionally, we will also try and keep a balance for different sets of skills and interests. Participants applying for all three sessions will be prioritised. 

When will I know if I have been selected? 
Applicants are informed about the admissions after each registration phase is over.

Workshop location


Workshop dates 

Public screening

Tennispalatsi (Salomonkatu 15) 17.08.2016, 17:30-19:30
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WHS Theather (Siltavuorenranta 18)
20.08.2016, 19:00-21:00
Tickets sold at the venue

Registration fees and phases

Early bird registrations by : 

31.05.16    180€
Normal registration by : 
30.06.16    200€

Late registration by: *  
01.08.16    220€

Session 1 & 2:
13 - 17.08.2016 (150€)
Session 3:
18 - 20.08.2016 (90€)

*The workshop might be full before the late registration starts.


Who is the VR workshop for?

The VR workshop is intended for everyone with a strong interest in audiovisual storytelling. The medium is still going through its experimental stage: little has been established as rules and conventions of the format.
That is why we think the best way to get fresh new ideas, is to gather a crowd of talented enthusiasts as diverse as possible, coming from any background or field of expertise.
Please do not refrain from applying because you lack former experience with filmmaking: you will find out that most of the traditional filmmaking rules are made obsolete by this new format, levelling the field for everyone. 

How will participating benefit me?
You will receive a thorough introduction and go through hands-on training, and put what you learn to practice by participating in the production of two or more VR short films. All this will happen within the timeframe of only 8 days : needless to say, it will be an intensive week. This will help creating a positive atmosphere among similar-minded people, leading hopefully to longer term collaborations as well.
As production teams will be formed organically, the workshop will prove a great way to refine your skills and knowledge in any role you wish to fulfil in the filmmaking process. We also believe in a hands-on, "learn by doing", "fail fast" approach to learning, rather than anything lecture-based, which often adds unnecessary complexity to the production process and stifles the creative mind.

What is included to the price? 
Registration fees are used to cover various expenses that include equipment, facilities, set design and catering. Though we cannot guarantee accommodation, we will do our best to help you find an affordable place to stay in Helsinki.

The workshop's equipment will enable you to try out different VR cameras and gear (see the next question). In order to create visually appealing films the workshop also provides funds or materials for each production team's set design. We want to see you shine on the screen! 

Catering will cover breakfast and lunch. Our venue also has a kitchen in which you can store snacks and soft drinks.

What kind of equipment will there be available at the workshop?
The workshop wants to introduce a diverse solutions of recording VR image. We will have different models of all-in-one 360° cameras (such as Kodak Pixpro, Ricoh Theta S and 360Fly) as well as rigs that combine of six or more action cameras. We also showcase an alternative one or two camera set up, which enables you to shoot VR even with your own DSLR or a cinema camera. This way, even though we want to assure you that the equipment is not everything in VR filmmaking, you will get to compare the results and choose one for your own purposes. 

We offer trackless dollies, monopods, and other camera rigging systems to support your cinematographic vision. We also have a range of different lighting equipment, which will be at your disposal. Naturally, the workshop also offers the necessary sound recording equipment and the VR headsets. Our post-production stations each have stitching, editing, sound design, colour correction and game engine softwares in them.

Please note that the list of equipment available will be updated and specified later. We also like to stress that the workshop warmly welcome participants bringing their own VR equipments as we have limited resources.

Is VR video production similar to a 'normal' video / film production process?
Yes, it can be divided to:
1. Pre-production (Screenwriting tips from Quora)  
2. Production (How not to suck at VR)
3. Post-production (stitching, editing, sound design & colour grading) 
4. Screening (Several platforms support VR videos that can be viewed with VR goggles or other handheld devices)

The essence of Virtual Reality (VR) is not the technology,
but the possibilities it offers for storytelling.


The workshop is a non-profit endeavour to introduce VR to filmmakers, who are eager to explore the exciting artistic possibilities of the format, but may find themselves intimidated by the sometimes daunting practical and technical realities that VR involves.

Our goal is that by the end of the 8-day-workshop, filmmakers will have acquired a level of proficiency and familiarity with the technology and its storytelling implications sufficient to make them see the unprecedented potential of 360° videos. We want to empower artists to use this technology creatively, so that it becomes a new expressive tool in the arsenal they have at their disposal to move the audience and engage with them like never before.


Whether you have further questions, you want to propose a collaboration or give us ideas on what you would like to include in the workshop, you can always reach us via e-mail:

Project manager
Annastina Haapasaari


This workshop is made possible by our sponsors, partners and volunteers. 

The workshop has been selected by NISI MASA Call for Projects and will be implemented by the partner association Euphoria Borealis (Finland). The workshop is financially supported by Kone Foundation in Finland.